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What mattered in #BizTech

  • TikTok was the most popular site on the internet in 2021, beating out Google for the top spot, according to Cloudflare. This cements Tiktok as a significant competitor to the prime Google business known as YouTube. Check out our review of the YouTube competition.
  • Instagram Will Focus on Video in 2022. This focus reflects Instagram’s efforts to better compete with TikTok, which recently topped 1 billion in users, and increasing focus on how people spend time on video format content.
  • According to Merkle research, “28% of kids say friends influence their purchase decisions”.
  • Weed farmers use drones to crop cops, collect data and enhance security.
  • The Roblox metaverse is already here:


  • “Opportune time for learning leaders to reflect with their teams on the challenges faced and lessons learned over the past almost two years”.
  • Covering the importance of reducing operational risks
  • “If a key player on your team went on an extended leave or left the organization, would someone else be able to take over running their programs easily?”
  • “If your office lost power or internet for an extended period, would you still be able to onboard new employees?”
  • “What programs, such as new-hire onboarding, are critical to the organization?”
  • “What are the things that may impact our ability to host these programs?”
  • “How can we delegate work in a way that will encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing, making it easier to transition projects during absences?”
  • “What tools or technology are we reliant upon to facilitate our learning programs?”
  • “What are alternative ways we can host these in the event of an outage or another major event?”
  • “How well do members of the team understand each person’s role, their strengths and their goals?”
  • “How comfortable are they reaching out for help or sharing honest feedback?”
  • “For your team, methods of detecting burgeoning issues could be through check-in questions during your 1-on-1s, virtual comment boxes or the monitoring of performance data.”

Conversations that matter

  • Your Soft Skills are What Really Matter as a Leader. Watch.

Some fun: Timeline of Human Evolution

Some fun: Our children will never know…

Words that matter

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