Muscat Roundup: #004

Hi, Welcome to update #004

This Muscat Roundup brings you a hand-picked selection of digital business stories, how-tos, and lessons learned. Was this email forwarded to you? Sign up for the Muscat Notes here.

My work

  • How to boost stakeholder engagement with WaVE, a language built on WORK VALUE. Read.
  • What does impact actually mean to you? — Ask me anything. Read.
  • How to expertly map work requests to actual BUSINESS VALUE and impact. Read.
  • How to be a badass at engaging stakeholders, exploring ideas and CUSTOMER VALUE. Read.


  • Facebook postpones end-to-end (E2E) encryption to 2023. E2E is already available within WhatsApp, and is being rolled out across the rest of its products namely Instagram, Facebook Messenger. Read.
  • The painful aftermath of the ‘Buy the Constitution’ DAO by Vice. Read.

Outside Interests

  • How Square Reached $100 Billion Marketcap — A Case Study for Entrepreneurs. Watch.
  • A deeper look into how YouTube’s recommendation system works. Read.


  • “Stealth” wearables are going to disrupt the industry | by Brinnae Bent, PhD. Read.
  • I Endured 5 Brilliantly Effective Tactics From a Billionaire Scam Artist So You Don’t Have to — And the 4 fatal errors that killed the $20,000 deal on the spot. Read.

Conversations that matter

  • We Need to Talk: How To Have Conversations That Matter | Celeste Headlee | Talks at Google. Watch.
  • Create Conversations that matter — Chad Littlefield. Watch.

Words of Wisdom

“Letting the user disconnect from screens while still collecting data in the background will help reduce anxiety associated with wearables”

Get in Touch

Tell me how I’m doing. I’m working on improving every day and want to hear from you. What do you love? How could I do better? All feedback is helpful.

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  2. 📨 Email — If it’s a longer thing, or you don’t want it to be a public tweet, please email me ( I read 100% of the emails I receive, and do a fairly good job at replying to the vast majority. I look forward to receiving yours!.




Exploring the world of business technology to work out what what’s really happening, what actually matters, and what it means. |

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Andre Muscat

Andre Muscat

Exploring the world of business technology to work out what what’s really happening, what actually matters, and what it means. |

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