Meet Generative AI

Andre Muscat
2 min readFeb 14, 2023

This presentation builds on the materials we explored so far as part of the What matters in AI series:

Today we have a super fun session where we show how accessible AI technology is, and use AI tools available to you today:

  • Discuss Generative AI
  • Explore its different forms
  • Demonstrate solutions like DALL-E and CHAT-GPT
  • Show how existing technologies can be used today
  • Map out the maturity state of these technologies

Part of the What Matters In AI Series

Presentation series for executives and business leaders needing to understand the macro and strategic trends in artificial intelligence, its applications, opportunities, and impact from a non-technical perspective.

Relevant to you if

…You are a business leader or hold a role in senior management, sales, marketing, and technical teams seeking to:

  • Be better at articulating the value proposition of artificial intelligence and its offerings to the audience it is intended to enable and service.
  • Upgrade business communication skills with the added knowledge on what working with AI may mean to various stakeholders.
  • Get more involved in the formation of your strategic future direction.
  • Upgrade vocabulary, strategies and awareness of intelligent capabilities that will impact the future of work and enable us to make better decisions that boost operational resilience.

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