Cheers to a good year — Roundup — Playbook

Roundup — Advisory (9 Posts)

Grateful to all!

  • Some taught me the art of grit and what it takes to drive a startup or develop an idea into a deliverable/shippable artefact.
  • Others taught me the importance of workflows and predictable inputs/outputs.
  • Others helped me summarise my words and build understandable stories.
  • Others helped me develop business and financial acumen.
  • Others kicked my butt until I became a spreadsheet ninja, analysing data and locating patterns that supported better decision-making.
  • Others implanted in me the value of partnerships and channel distribution.
  • Others, the art of dealing with the hard truth about hard things in life and business.
  • Others, how to laugh and wake up constantly with a smile no matter what.
  • So many more.

Wrapping up



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